Since 1915 Saltimport has assisted fish manufacturers with various types of salt. We have a passion to deliver the best quality for our fishery customers. Salt is mainly used for salting of fish, preservation of fish and as a flavor enhancer.

We are a nationwide distributor of road salt. Together with our skilled terminal workers and contractors we secure Norwegian roads during the winter and minimize dust compilation during the summer.

We supply a wide range of products for use in areas such as baking, meat processing and dairy production. Salt acts also as a flavour enhancer and a preservative.

Salt is an essential part of animal nutrition. As a result of deficiency in their usual food and to help them take up minerals faster, breeding animals need salt added in their nutrition.

We offer a variety of products for agriculture and food production and we can guarantee high quality products

We deliver products to the oil and gas industry, for content of drilling fluids.

Have a chat with us about which products you need and get detailed product information on what we can assist you with in the Oil & Gas industry.

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