Saltimport wants to inform you about the type of information we collect when you visit our website and for what purpose this information is used and handled. Salt Import also takes steps to ensure your privacy and the information we store with us.

Saltimport AS is responsible for processing personal information at We are also responsible for the personal information we collect through other systems / media, such as social media and analysis tools, being processed in accordance with the regulations. It is considered voluntary if you, who visit our web site, provide personal information related to various services via request form, contact form or any registration for newsletters. In case of consent, this will be clearly visible to the visitor. Salt Import collects and processes various data through our digital platforms to improve our information services to the visitors and to provide our services.

You have the right to access, change and delete personal information we store about you. By using our web site, you agree that we store the information described below. You also have no obligation to provide any other personal information to us in Saltimport, and we will not collect or store sensitive information through our digital platforms.

Salt Import may update the information in our Privacy Policy as needed and changes internally in our company

What is personal information?

• Information that can be linked to you as an individual. Basic information such as name, contact details such as email, phone and address, photos, social security number, and employers.
• Sensitive personal information includes racial or ethnic background, religious or political perceptions, health, sexual relationships or membership of trade unions.
• Information related to customer relationships such as registration in connection with project collaboration, billing, general contact, third parties and marketing.
• Behavioral patterns and demographic information such as gender, location, and browsers.

How does Saltimport receive personal information from you?

• Cookies

Salt Import uses cookies on this website. A cookie is a text file that visits or interacts with a webpage stored in your browser's memory. The purpose of these cookies is to remember previous user settings and provide a more personalized user experience or obtain statistics that provide insight into user behavior so that the website can be optimized.

This website uses cookies only for such purposes, but does not collect data that identifies you, or which in turn may violate your privacy.

The cookie collects, among other things, your IP address, but a script has been added that removes the last digits from the IP address before our analytics tool stores the information. This means that the address cannot be used to identify the individual user. If we use advertisements to create traffic and interest into our website, we will be able to collect the same information as described above.
You can even delete the ongoing storage of cookies in your browser. The procedure is slightly different, depending on the type of browser you are using. You can also block future storage of cookies in the browser's menu. You may follow the wizard on handling and deleting cookies that has available on its webpages.

• Via contact form, order form, newsletter and direct contact

By using our order form or contacting us directly, this information is stored through our email center, project management system or phone history. You can easily request deleting from our systems that store this information.

• Information via other sources

In our service area, we are advised to contact you via third parties or other sources, usually in relation to customer relationships and cooperation with other customers. This information is stored in our email center, project management tools or by phone if we contact you. You can easily request deleting from our systems that store this information.

So what does Saltimport use the personal information for?

• Statistics and analyzes

Through cookies and advertising on other digital platforms, data gathered shows how you came to this page, such as via search or an external link, how you navigated in the website's underlying structure, whether you visited the PC or mobile page and how long you were on the various pages. This information is useful for making the website more user-friendly and improving our communication to you as a user.

Troubleshooting and barring

Our site is installed on a server where all visits are stored in a visit log and an error message log where your IP address is linked to the visit and time of the visit. We do this to troubleshoot any issues, provide data to authorities in cases where a request is available, and to identify and block hacker attacks.

• Delivery and follow-up of services

In order to provide our services, we process personal information in connection with email dialogs, billing, accounting, customer service and general follow-up of you as a customer of our services. When you have an active customer relationship with us, contact with you is considered a natural link in our cooperation.

How long should we store the information?

Salt Import stores your personal information as long as it is necessary for our service offerings or statistics / analysis needs. As long as you are in active contact or in relationship with us, we will keep the information until it is no longer necessary or you request information to be deleted from our systems.
Note that personal data collected on our site will also be stored in a backup for up to 1 month after data has been deleted. This is because we rely on being able to retrieve all data in case of a complete data loss.

Whom do we provide this information with?

• Subcontractors and partners

Salt Import delivers information to other trusted parties only with your consent, as well as to the data service providers who work as subcontractors with us, and as such process your information according to our rules and purposes for handling personal information.

Only information that is required for normal service delivery is shared by Saltimport. None of our subcontractors or affiliates associated with us may use this information for any purpose other than agreed with us. All our employees are subject to confidentiality regarding your personal information.

• Domain administrators / external systems

In our service area, we will, with your consent, sign in and collect / modify / delete information related to third parties such as domain owners, third party systems or others.

• For legal reasons

Salt imports may be required to share information in statutory cases, such as orders from public authorities such as courts or police under legal processes.

• Changes in the company

In case Salt Import becomes part of an acquisition, merger or other forms of partnership, you will be notified of any changes in the Company and what choices you may have regarding the information we have stored with us.

How do we protect your privacy information?

All our computers and technical equipment at our offices is secured with passwords. Our departments / offices are covered by insurance and we have procedures for action if there are suspected breaches of security internally or through our partners. We have a notification system if there is a suspicion of hacking or other incidents with our server provider that could result in security breaches.

Saltimport stores most of the personal data relating to customer relationships in cloud-based solutions, and in some cases locally on our computers and technical equipment. In special cases, the information is handled in printed format, which is then shredded or filed safely afterwards.

Do you want to correct or delete your information?

Do you want us to delete personal information Salt Import has stored about you or insight into what personal information we store, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 55 33 24 00.

If you suspect there is a violation of our routines or our partners' practices, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can take action.

Limitation of Liability

Where Saltimport is affiliated with customers or third parties who can handle sensitive information such as social security number, social security number or account / bank information (such as online stores and others offering payment, registration, etc.) services, these parties are responsible for handling the information you register. 

Where we have access through a system developer's work in third party / customer systems or our consultants have access to sensitive information with third parties / clients, their systems are bound to confidentiality and the internal rules we have in the company for the protection of privacy.

By linking to other websites or systems, you leave our digital platform and we are not responsible for the availability or content presented on these websites or systems. The external pages are responsible for terms and protection on their platforms.

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