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The other white gold. This is what salt has been called throughout history. Salt is one of the world's oldest commodities. It is said that the word salt originates from the word 'fees, which means wages.

Salt is a vital mineral for the body functions and until today we have several important main industries in Norway that are dependent on salt for their intended purpose. We like to say that salt can be used for anything, but is primarily used for road maintenance, fisheries and meat industry, food industry, agricultural industry and offshore industry.

Saltimport AS

SALT IMPORT "One of Norway's oldest salt importers'
Saltimport AS was established in 1915 by several major herring salters in western Norway to import salt, mainly for their own consumption. In the years since 1915 the company has grown both in volume and range of products and has today emerged as one of the leading salt importers. The salt is imported mainly from the Mediterranean region and European countries.

We supply salt and salt related products to several different industries in Norway, including road maintenance, fisheries, food industry, agriculture and the oil industry. Saltimport AS is a nationwide and efficient provider of salt and salt related products with terminals and storages along the Norwegian coast.

The organisation is built on five values; knowledge, flexibility, quality and service, and honesty. These are values we strive for every day to provide our customers to with the best experience and product.

We value our clients and we therefore tailor our suppliers and logistic after customer needs. With us the customer shall feel important.

As a small organization with short decision lines, we have great flexibility and high level of service.

Saltimport AS

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